Now It’s getting exciting, 3 weeks today until we leave! We are still on the search for some amazing places to visit, and we would LOVE your help! To begin this planning process we mainly searched Instagram, we found some amazing pages and photo’s that inspired our travels. Some of our favourite Instagram pages are @Mitch.cox , @coffeesandfroffies and @troopy_adventures . We also downloaded an app called camper mate to help us find out where every free, cheap or more expensive caravan sites are.

To keep everything together we created our own map using google maps, here we are able to create and save pins of places that look exciting. You can also set categories and colours which is great as we have a colour for free camps, a colour for places I want to see and then Zacs as well (he has also created yellow pins for all the best fishing jettys, which are all funnily enough in the same area!? haha).

If you want to check out our current pins, click here to see our map. If you have any suggestions of places we don’t have pinned please comment below so we can check it out and add it to our map. We plan to do a few dives, snorkels, hikes, beaches, and anything that is uniquely Australian and cannot be missed, so if a place pops into your head while reading this… let us know!

At the moment our 1st stop is Ebor Falls (west of Coffs), then to South West Rocks (south of Coffs) as we would love to dive off Fish Rock. From here we don’t have any standout places to visit up until Jervis Bay (south of Sydney). So if you have any that would be awesome! We may stop in Forster to visit family but there also isn’t any free camps nearby we know of there. Hmm…

What I can not wait for is to visit Tasmania, the 12 Apostles, wineries around Adelaide and WA’s coast line / reefs. Our planning continues, help us fill in the gaps 🙂


Holly xx

6 Replies to “Planning our stops! Okay Google”

  1. Loving your blog already! 😝👍 🔆
    Molly Mook Beach and Uladulla, 3 hours south of Sydney is a stunning area. This is where my girlfriend Nicole lives. World champion surfer Pam Burridge lives there as well and is a friend of Nicoles. Maybe a stop there and some surf lessons at Pam Burridge Surf School ? !
    🌊 🏄🌸


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