BOOM! It’s time to LIVE it up and Travel Australia!

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It all started while we were on our honeymoon!

I think most people, when on holidays, think to themselves, ‘I don’t want to go home’ or ‘I wish we could do this forever’. So of course these thoughts were rushing through our mind while enjoying our amazing honeymoon on the Palawan Islands, off the Philippines. By the way, if you have not been to the Philippines yet, do it! The islands are stunning, still quite untouched unlike a lot of areas these days. (Message us if you want to know more about this).

On arriving home from our honeymoon, we were planning to just ‘go back to our lives’, when Zac had some frantic calls from work, his manager resigned. Long story short Zac was offered his job, a massive long term decision to make now.

Thankfully he had time to think this through properly, and while spending 2 days with a close mate of his, yes; drinking, watching the ashes, planning how to conquer the world, bloke talk, they came up with idea to just drop everything to TRAVEL and LIVE! So Zac quit his job!

Now here I am, working everyday up until Christmas to save some extra $$, I come home at 6:30pm to Zac and Rhys telling me this grand plan! Holy Moly, how things can change in a day (or two) haha. It was a shock at first, but here I am a bit burnt out from working and running my business, needing a break, it all doesn’t seem so crazy after all! I warm to the idea and without knowing we are taking the steps to working out how we can make this happen!

I originally wanted to travel overseas, but it was Zac who sold travelling Australia to me pretty easy. It’s so true, we live in such an amazing country and most of us haven’t seen much of it at all.  Once I started following some people on Instagram, I realized how much Australia has to offer, and it would be CRAZY not to see every part of the lucky country we call home.

So here we are 3 weeks and 2 days away from leaving, we have secured Zac’s parents (now my parents too-getting used to the married thing, haha) caravan, bought snorkeling gear and hiking boots, put my new car and house up for rent, mapped out some amazing places and have a lot more to get done.

In our next few blogs we will be sharing with you our google map of pinned points we have so far (we would love any more suggestions of your fav Aussie spots), our budget plan and more on our whole planning process.

Keep in touch, see more photos here, and see ya later!

Holly xx

(Photo credit: Mark Gray Photography)

2 Replies to “BOOM! It’s time to LIVE it up and Travel Australia!”

  1. So excited to follow your journey guys!! Thanks for setting up this blog, really looking forward to your posts! Travel safe and have a blast! The Paris xx


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