Tasmania – Hobart to North Tassy

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Around midday we head back on the short ferry ride from Bruny Island to Kettering, we stop in at Kingston beach to make lunch and so Zac can have a fish. Just before we leave we find some more mussles along the rocks, score…we have dinner! We decide to make our way back passed Hobart and into South Arm because it looked cool on the map and may have some more cool fishing spots. Man! The houses along the beach at South Arm are crazy cool! Literally right on the beach, you see massive new mansions, old shacks, even a sailor/boat themed house. The water there is from River Derwent, that opens up to the Tasman Sea, most houses having cute little boat sheds, and this is where the water comes up to. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos here as we were just taking a spontaneous walk along the beach, so you will just have to believe me.

We were then lucky enough to find South Arm RSL where for $5/p you can stay and have hot showers, so we made the most of this and had one at night and in the morning, why not!?

Camp Location: South Arm RSL, South Arm, Tasmania

Cost = $5/p inc hot showers

Travelled From: Bruny island

Distance Travelled: 70 kilometres

Time to hit up Hobart, so the first stop we think is worth checking out is the Harbour, along Salamanca. A lovely stroll leads you to some boutique shops and restaurants as well as fisheries and boats along the waters, if you’re lucky you could also catch the big cruise ships that leave from here. We were planning on catching up with some friends tonight but as it was Good Friday they had the day off and were already around the area, so we met up with them here to chat about our plans (and of course catch up on the last 10 years). Around the harbour we notice the Spiegel Tent (an old school wooden tent that holds shows around the country), I give dad a call straight away and lucky us 4 FREE tickets to the show LIMBO, its handy growing up in the circus and having these connections. We head back to our friends house, and are offered to stay the night and again Hot Showers! We head out for a great night, the perfect day spent with friends.


Camp Location: Friends Apartment, Sandy Bay, Tasmania

Cost = FREE #winning

Travelled From: South Arm

Distance Travelled:  40 kilometres

We set off early to get in a hike to Mount Wellington, and as we continue driving up the mountain the road just keeps going and going. We end up at the top, a massive tourist location with toilets and information areas. The views were stunning, overlooking the whole of Hobart, South Arm, Bruny Island and more! And the cliff edges were so cool, all made of big and small long tall rocks, that’s what caught our attention, so we set off along a path to get as close as we can to them. We take the South Wellington Track, and when we got to the top of the main rocky area, we go off track to get to the edge. A fun, more untouched place to check out, that’s what we love!

Finishing around midday, we didn’t really have anywhere to stop as we head up through the centre of Tasmania and we were hoping to catch up with our Friends we met previously Rachel and Ben (his daughter Amelia also joining us this time), so we commit and make the drive all the way to Moina which is just north of Cradle Mountain. Service wasn’t the best around here and we went to the camp site on the wrong side of the lake where Rachel and Ben were, but it was late so we camped up on a grassy hill, all to ourselves, overlooking Wilmot Dam.

Camp Location: Wilmot Dam Campsite, Moina

Cost = FREE

Travelled From: Mount Wellington

Distance Travelled: 307 kilometres

The next morning we finally find our Friends at Lake Gairdner Campsite, just down the road, but a much better campsite, one of our favourite yet. You enter on a cute little white bridge, and camp alongside the lake where 2 little Platypus swim up and down in front of you all day long. A little exploring will find you at a cute little stream, baby waterfall, and rapids that come from a nearby mountain, a campsite we highly recommend, and FREE!

One of the main things we wanted to do with Rachel, Ben and Amelia, was to do a cool 4 wheel drive tack, and since it is always best to do this with other people, it was great timing. Rachel finds a great track called Montezuma Falls so we set off for our day trip. From our camp it takes about 1.5 hours to the base of the track, let our tires down, lock in the hubs and set off on a true adventure. We are glad our friends go in first, Ben on the radio so he can jump out when needed to guide us through harder places, the perfect team! The track itself was awesome, quite difficult, and being the Troopy’s first real 4wd experience we definitely tested it to its limits. Zac did an amazing job of keeping us alive, the Troopy did well to not topple over from being top heavy and I did well not to actually have a heart attack, haha. The track there did take us 3 hours, which was a little longer than we first thought, but well worth it, especially seeing Tasmania’s highest waterfall of 110m at the top. A quick stop there and time to make the treck back, doing it in 2.5hrs this time, we either got better or just slid faster down haha. Thanks so much to Rachel, Ben and Amelia from Kickin Back 4×4 touring. Click here to check out the Video Rachel Put together for us!

The next day the weather was very up and down, and we had been trekking quite fast lately so we decide on a chill day, we set up a camp fire, watch movies, explore and try and take some more photos of the Platypus.


Our energy has now recouped to check out Cradle Mountain! The summit walk along Cradle Mountain would of been amazing but it apparently takes over 4 hours to do, and it was already quite foggy so we didn’t want to go to all that effort to not be able to see 5 meters in front of us, so we decided on some of the smaller walks. We took duck lake walk around to a few small lakes and up to Marion’s Lookout. From here there was a great view of the larger mountains, lakes and even a sneaky rainbow.


Camp Location: Lake Gairdner Campsite, Moina

Cost = FREE

Travelled From: Wilmot Dam Campsite, Moina

Distance Travelled: 8 kilometres

With only a few more days left in Tassy, we head north west along the coastline and stumble along another AMAZING free camp called Boat Harbour Beach. Camping is aloud all along the grassed areas that overlooks the stunning rocky coastline, with a short walk to the beach, toilets and Surf club it was a great way to spend our last 2 nights here. We tried some fishing (but not so good with the vast amount of rocks), got in a good tan while the sun was out, and had a great time relaxing.


Camp Location: Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

Cost = FREE

Travelled From: Lake Gairdner Campsite, Moina

Distance Travelled: 109 kilometres

Our very last day before we head to the Spirit of Tasmania for a 7:30pm leave, time to fit in one last thing that my good friend Jess Bradley told me about, Tasmazia! Massive, REAL mazes to spend the day getting lost in, this sounded like me being the big kid I am. We spent a few hours here, found mazes within mazes (which I seemed to always beat Zac to getting to the middle of), balance mazes and more. To top it off there were Hot showers that we definitely took advantage of, the perfect finish to our Tasmania Trip.

We make a quick stop into Spreyton Cider for a drink and cheese platter, because you can never have too many of them can you!

One last thing to do before we get on the Ferry and that is to give the Troopy a good wash after its fun in the mud. We had $9 in coins with heaps of settings to get through, so I had fun laughing at Zac running around the Troopy a million times, it was too good.


The trip back on the Spirit of Tasmania was good, a night time trip with paid recliner seats this time set us in for a good sleep. We loved Tasmania and cannot wait to go back to continue exploring.

Holly xx

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