We are still travelling on wonderfully, all being FREE camps (aside from our 1st gold coin donation stop), which is doing great for our budget. How amazing is it to be able to travel Australia hoping between free camps, exploring hidden gems and making memories.

One absolutely amazing free camp is where we visited after our Jervis Bay adventures, the stunning Termeil Point Campground. This is another campsite where you can hear the waves crashing and it is only a minute stroll to the beach, with lots of natural wonders to explore. With heaps of natural rock pools, beach coves and blue waters, this is one spot to visit that for sure. There are not too many campsites available so get in early or in off-peak times, we took the last spot. There are two cute beach coves to explore, and in lower tides you can walk around the rocks to each one. These are where the amazing rock pools are, we had so much fun exploring this area.

To make this stop even more memorable we met some more friends. We got chatting to this other couple Rachel and Ben, also travelling Australia, and right off the bat Zac and Ben worked out that we actually live right around the corner from each other back home. So from here on we clicked and later worked out that Rachel also grew up in Buccan as did Zac, what a crazy small world it is. We shared tips and locations, hope to catch up with them in Tassy and then also back home! Follow their facebook page here.


A favourite spot of Zac’s to visit was Eden (right near the border of Victoria) so off we went to spend a few days finding out what Eden had in store. We heard it was great for fishing mainly but this town and its surrounding suburbs have so much to offer. We visited Merimbula, Pambula, Ben Boyd National Park, Eden, Quarantine and Kiah. The great thing about these areas are they are all so close to one another and with so much variety you could explore for days on end. (This is the map we used for most of our trip)


On one of our first days here we treated ourselves and went to a brewery and oyster bar to celebrate being 4 weeks on the road. This was called Longstockings Brewery and Oyster Bar, it is in Pambula and it was quality.

We then had 2 favourite places that we visited both being in the Ben Boyd National Park. There are a few different entry points along the coastline, one of them being the entrance near Pambula, north of Eden. Severs beach was a stunning quiet beach, but Haycock Point was a standout. A short walk to the point and you come an edge of the coastline that feels like you’re in a different world. Crazy rock formations, bright red rock colours, stunning rock pools, yes very rocky and very cool.

A quick stop off down a nearby road and we were at what was called ‘The Pinnacles’, it’s crazy how colourful and different the rocks are along this coastline.


Our other favourite place was in the Ben Boyd National Park but entering south of Eden around Kiah. We found a beautiful secluded beach, blue waters, awesome for snorkelling. Here’s the kicker, while snorkelling we found what looked to be an endless supply mussels only meters from the shoreline . So we filled a bag, smoked them in our camp oven and had a yummy feast. So lucky!!!

Today we drove into Victoria to Lakes Entrance, and are now at another free camp along the 90 mile beach at Gippsland Lakes. You will have to wait for those photo’s however, we will keep you in suspense. 🙂


Holly xx


Camp Location:  Nullica River State Forest (see wiki camps for direct location)

Cost = FREE 

Travelled From: Jervis Bay

Distance Travelled:  345 kilometres

Next/current Stop: Gippsland Lakes

2 Replies to “Termeil Point and Eden”

  1. Amazing photos!! What an adventure! Can’t believe there are so many free campsites. How good is Australia! Loving your journeys!


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