Jervis Bay is HUGE, we didn’t really understand how big it was and how much it had to offer and we probably have missed some places as well but it’s a beautiful place. The area of the bay covers over 100 square kilometers and we plan to tackle it in 5 days, if we had a better understanding of the place we could have done it with way less driving but that’s all part of the fun and learning. We setup camp in Tomerong State Forest as it was free and central to the bay but a little inland. Because the bay is so big if you want to do it from one ‘base camp’ location you end up doing a bit of driving. Certain places are only open on certain days, different weather conditions make certain parts of the bay better than others and in our case with the cyclone offshore had picked up the swell and winds were high at times.

The pictures tell the story; but to spell out where they were taken we need to breakup the bay how we eventually came to understand it. Here is a map of the bay.


Currarong/Abrahams Bosom Reserve

This is not in the bay but the Northern Headland and was EPIC! Hiking track to huge cliff faces known for their world famous land based game fishing (Marlin off the rocks!!) this spot is called Mermaid Inlet. A short stroll around the corner is a small tunnel called Gosangs Tunnel, you have to nearly crawl through that opens up to a secluded ledge that looks over sheer cliff faces as they meet the ocean below as well as some beautiful little beaches,  Lobster Bay being one of them (a great place to snorkel but to rough on the day we went). This place was cool definitely not a busy Tourist spot like a lot of the other parts of the bay!


Beecroft Peninsula/Honeymoon Bay

This area is only open certain days of the week so you have to check when. It is a fenced off area of the peninsula that is used by the Royal Australian Navy as a Weapons Range. We were told at the entry gates we couldn’t go all the way to the Light House and Point Perpendicular as there was an underground fire… yeah right mate you guys are up to something 😉 Bummed to not see the Light House but the beaches here were beautiful. The place everyone wanted to see was ‘honey moon bay’ but our favorite spot was long beach as there was nearly no one there and was it was better protected. We explored this whole area not long after it opened on a Friday around mid day, you can see this place getting packed out over the weekend!

(Long Beach North)




This is a nice little spot where the town overlooks Currambene Creek a fishing port and dock for a number of vessels. Good spot for a schooner at the pub.

Plantation Point – Hyams Beach

A heap of beaches up this stretch of the bay, such clean white sand with crystal clear water. Hyams Beach is defiantly a tourist attraction.

Booderee National Park

This area of land and bay is part of the ACT and home to HMAS Creswell.  At one point I think the most Naval ships we saw were three, it was pretty cool to watch them cruising around in the distance. We went for a squid fish at the boat ramp here, a real deal boat ramp not far from the off shore fishing grounds.

We left Jervis Bay with a wet sail but had a great time in the sun while we were there. Next time we visit we would split it into 2 different camping spots, one more north bay and the other around to the southern part of the bay or via versa to save those Diesel $$$’s.



Camp Location:  Tomerong State Forest  (see wiki camps for direct location)

Cost = FREE 

 Travelled From: Sydney, NSW

Distance Travelled:  196 kilometres

Next Stop: Termeil Point Campground

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