Stockton Sand Dunes – Sydney

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Relaxing, is one word to describe the last few days we have had! We have been to 3 places since we wrote last, the main one being visiting family in Sydney which has been awesome.

Our first stop after Forster was to see the Stockton Sand Dunes (near Anna Bay NSW), something I was really looking forward to. We struggled to find somewhere free or cheap to stay around the area. There was one free beach camping spot that is actually a nudist beach (which was fine, haha) but quite risky and difficult to get to with both the Troopy and Caravan. We decided not to risk it as we still have a long time on our journey and would hate for anything to break while trying. I found a free campsite called ‘Wallaroo State Forest‘ only 35 minutes from the Stockton Dunes, so that was our plan. If you do ever head here though, don’t follow maps as it takes you somewhere else, follow the roads to it via Wiki Camps. From here we left the caravan locked up and had a day trip to the Dunes, and they were so cool! We knew we would be stopping here so we brought along my old snowboard (which I had never used), Zac got creative and cut some telecom rope to make straps for our feet, and used bottle caps and screws to secure it in place using the already made holes that all snowboards have.



Time to give it a go, and from previous research we knew it wouldn’t go too fast unless you were coming down a steeper hill so that was what we did. An amazing place to go and visit, the dunes went for days, making you feel like you were in a desert.


We kept driving along the beach taking in the stunning views, and we made it to the end of Anna Bay where the free nudist camp (Samurai camp ground) was. We are all about trying new things so of course we had to experience tanning nakey, and slightly hurting the next day, haha.


We felt after our amazing day, that we had seen everything this area had to offer so with a day up our sleeve we decided to go to the Blue Mountains before heading to our family in Sydney. We stopped in at the Bulls Camp Reserve, which was also free (available for 24hrs) and not far from Wentworth Falls which was where a lot of the stunning waterfalls and views were in the Blue Mountains. First stop was Lincoln’s Rock, which was easy to drive to with stunning views. Next was a walk to Wentworth falls Waterfall, which was nice but not as massive and stunning as Ebor Falls and the walk there was quite confusing. We went exploring, trying to find some 4wd tracks, went to a couple of pubs in Katoomba and then stumbled across The Three Sister look out, which was again easy as to drive to and had an awesome view.



We were stuffed, with a big drive and explore all in one day, it was time to crash. An early morning on the road to do our 2nd grocery shop, again at Aldi and again a great deal here. We are now ready to see and stay with family in Sydney, and lucky us we fit in the driveway again for a bonus free stay. #winning

It is so good to see family on our travels, we had such a relaxing time with them. Chilling by the pool, enjoying some cold beers and seeing new baby Jack. A great weekend, with lots of memories, many thanks to Kerry and Hogie for letting us crash at your place.


Holly xx


Camp Location:  Family House in Parramatta, Sydney

Cost = FREE #winning

 Travelled From: Forster, NSW

Distance Travelled:  299 kilometres

Next Stop: Jervis Bay, NSW


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